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Victory Declared

After a drawn-out race that pundits didn’t think could be won, the CAMpaign declared victory today. Thanks to an all-out effort by volunteers and donors–with no corporate PAC contributions–Cam amassed several times the number of write-in votes needed to become the Democratic nominee in the general election.
While all votes won’t be certified until next week, the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and Cook County Clerk have published numbers that are not likely to change enough to alter the election results. Of 60,719 write-in votes recorded for all candidates from all parties, 54,139, or 89%, went for Cam. Of that total, Cam received 28,461 votes in the Cook County suburbs and 25,678in Chicago. The numbers don’t reflect write-in votes cast mistakenly, which suggests an even higher rate of write-in participation than captured in the results.
Davis thanked fellow Democratic and Green Party candidates in the write-in race for their willingness to run. The Republican Party did not field a candidate. He also congratulated Debra Shore, Kari Steele, Marcelino Garcia (6-year terms) as well as Kim DuBuclet (2-year term) for their victories in the March 20 primary. He acknowledged Marty Durkan for a well-run campaign and the public service of the late MWRD Commissioner, Timothy Bradford, whose untimely death led to the write-in vacancy.
Debra Shore, who won as the leading vote-getter in her race, said, “I salute Cam Davis and his many supporters. Winning a countywide write-in campaign is a remarkable feat and makes it clear that people want to protect Lake Michigan and improve Chicago’s waterways. In November he will become a strong voice for conservation, water quality, and sound stormwater management on the MWRD Board.”
Fellow MWRD Commissioner Josina Morita agreed: “I was proud to support Cam’s unprecedented campaign. His expertise as a Clean Water Act attorney will be a significant addition to the Board.”
“Now it’s time to take back this election for all voters, whether they voted for me or for one of the many other candidates,” said Davis, referring to Gov. Rauner’s (R) attempt to move a sitting MWRD commissioner from his previous position to the Bradford vacancy. “We’re not giving up. Our water is too important.”
The CAMpaign will announce next steps in the coming days to move toward the November general election.
Superhero Spotlight: Stephanie Mendoza & Greg Andrus
The vote announcement wouldn’t have been possible without Stephanie Mendoza and Greg Andrus. Both graduated with their degrees last year; Mendoza with a degree in political science from Loyola University and Andrus with a minor in poli-sci and major in film from Northwestern University. Both are also active with the Democratic Party of Evanston. Thank you Steph and Greg!
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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.
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