“...a valuable member of the MWRD board since he was elected in 2018 after an unusual write-in primary race. He has been a leader in setting the district’s environmental agenda...

Chicago Sun-Times
Editorial Board, 2020


“Our strongest recommendation goes to Cameron 'Cam' Davis, who in 2018 won a two-year term and richly deserves a full term.

Chicago Tribune
Editorial Board, 2020


“We generally give [an endorsement] to incumbents doing a good job, and Davis...appear[s] to be doing so.” 

Daily Herald Editorial Board, 2020


“Missing from the list [of donations]: any engineering firms with contracts with the district, traditionally one of the more lucrative sources of campaign contributions for incumbent commissioners. Davis pledged to not take those donations; campaign finance data shows that he’s kept his word.” 

South Side Weekly, 2020

Cam standing for the public interest is only matched by the public standing with him, as shown by the data:

  • In his first time running for public office, Cam ran in 2018 as a county-wide write-in candidate. When pundits thought no one could win a county-wide write-in race, together we broke the previous statewide record for write-in votes set in 1944 by Franklin Roosevelt (with 47,561 write-ins) with Cam receiving 54,183 write-ins.

Cam's Protecting Our Aquatic Environment

Chicago Tribune endorses Cam Davis.
  • Former Governor Bruce Rauner sought to block voters from electing someone of their own choosing in 2018 by appointing someone until 2020. Cam fought Rauner's illegal power grab in court and won for Cook County voters.


  • Cam received 1,124,347 votes throughout the County, making Cam Davis the top vote-getter of any MWRD candidate in 2018. That amounted to 74.8% of the vote in suburban Cook County and 82.63% of the vote in the city of Chicago.


Cam Davis has fought for your water his entire 30+ year career:

  • President Obama's Great Lakes point person
  • Clean Water Act attorney
  • President & CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • Law professor, University of Michigan Law School
  • Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD)

Cam Davis will continue to fight for your water:

  • Reducing flooding, especially in our most vulnerable communities
  • Advocating for and funding green infrastructure
  • Supporting prevailing-wage jobs
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